Nowadays, politicians are fighting movie and television stars for a monopoly on the scalpel and the appointment books of the greatest cosmetic surgeons. To look good in politics today, you have to look young and fresh. No more bedridden gremlins terrorizing our TV sets and campaign posters, make way for politicians with the most “botulinum toxin” in recent years.

 Hilary Clinton

Despite her many denials, Hilary Clinton has undoubtedly spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery and to realize it nothing better than a comparison between two photos taken a few years apart. We understand the former first lady of the Usa who is best placed to know the importance of the image in the politics of her country. This obsession with appearance and image is typical of Uncle Sam’s country. Bill Clinton’s wife still abused botulinum toxin and fillers when you see her somewhat frozen appearance.

Silvio Berlusconi

The former president of the Italian council has never hidden his addiction to cosmetic surgery: facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, hair transplant… Silvio is a good client and nothing is too good to keep his appearance as a young playboy Italian. Il Cavalière even took advantage of an assault he suffered in 2009 to have his jaw, nose and lips redone.

Dilma Roussef

President of Brazil in 2010, the former resistance to the dictatorship did not shock anyone with her change of look. In a country where football is King and cosmetic surgery a religion, Dilma has publicly admitted to having undergone several cosmetic surgery operations to rejuvenate her look, soften her features and make her big, unsightly glasses disappear.

Vladimir Putin

Don’t expect the Kremlin strongman to make a televised address to speak out on the subject. Yet Vladimir Putin, who was thought to be insensitive to the dictates of appearance, was convinced by the usefulness of a makeover in anticipation of future presidential elections. It is therefore totally rejuvenated and the particularly smooth face that the ex-secret agent showed himself to the press. The latter, however, remains convinced that no communication will be made on the subject and we are still without news of his surgeon …

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Before being recognized as a sexual predator after the Sofitel scandal, Strauss-Kahn aspired to become president of the republic. He had therefore quite naturally, under the advice of his entourage, began by correcting a drooping eyelid giving him a disturbing air. Delighted with the result, he continued with skin corrections and finished with a few UV sessions. Its makeover operation, accompanied by a diet, has skyrocketed its rating in the various surveys carried out.