5 Politicians Who Have Done Cosmetic Surgery

Whether they are in the presidential campaign as currently in France, at the head of a state or even deputies, women and men politicians know all the issues of the image they convey.

Suddenly, some have resorted to plastic surgery. Here are 5 examples of policies who have had cosmetic surgery.

1.Segolene Royal 

The socialist candidate for the 2007 presidential elections has visibly consulted a cosmetic surgeon to redo her nose, chin and a dentist to improve her teeth. We hope for her that the price of her cosmetic surgery was affordable. 

2.Silvio Berlusconi

The former president of the Italian council could not bear to lose his hair. In this very enlightening before-fter, we can see that Berlusconi had recourse to hair implants. Coincidence or irony of history, the treatment of baldness by hair transplantation was one of the specialties of Jérôme Cahuzac, whose judicial fate was quite similar to that of the president of AC Milan.

  1. Cristina Kirchner

Her last name does not necessarily translate where she was born and lived. Cristina Kirchner is Argentinian and even the first of the Argentines since she was president of her country until 2015.

Argentinian and South American media believe she has made some interventions. The “antes y despues” (Spanish translation of our famous French before and after associated with surgery) are numerous about him. Embodying the vitality, renewal and modernity of a country that has chosen a woman to lead it certainly requires a few sessions of botox injections , a neck lift also perhaps.

4.Vladimir Putin

Is there an absolute causal link between an authoritarian state of mind and the meticulous management of one’s physical image? These photos of Putin give us food for thought. He too has obviously frequented a surgeon’s office to say stop to the onset of baldness and to improve the general appearance of his face.

Can’t find her face glowing a little too bright, there must be some botox and hyaluronic acid in there.

We already knew that the master of Russia liked to show his muscles, to show himself as a great sportsman (on horseback in particular) we can easily conclude that he found in plastic surgery a powerful ally to rejuvenate, embellish and format this image of a virile, energetic man who apparently pleases the Russians a lot and explains his longevity at the head of the Kremlin.

  1. Dominique Strauss-Kahn

At the time when he was leading the voting intentions of the French in the 2007 presidential election, Dominique Strauss Kahn had undergone blepharoplasty to treat his drooping eyelids . You can’t be in charge of the Fifth World Power and look tired of Droopy.

Management of the IMF, recognized talent of a great economist, candidate almost already winning in the presidential elections, everything was for the best for DSK…. Until the Sofitel affair….

Like what to invest in its image including by accepting the small stress of the scalpel does not always pay off.

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Top 5 Politicians To Have Gone Through Surgery

Nowadays, politicians are fighting movie and television stars for a monopoly on the scalpel and the appointment books of the greatest cosmetic surgeons. To look good in politics today, you have to look young and fresh. No more bedridden gremlins terrorizing our TV sets and campaign posters, make way for politicians with the most “botulinum toxin” in recent years.

 Hilary Clinton

Despite her many denials, Hilary Clinton has undoubtedly spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery and to realize it nothing better than a comparison between two photos taken a few years apart. We understand the former first lady of the Usa who is best placed to know the importance of the image in the politics of her country. This obsession with appearance and image is typical of Uncle Sam’s country. Bill Clinton’s wife still abused botulinum toxin and fillers when you see her somewhat frozen appearance.

Silvio Berlusconi

The former president of the Italian council has never hidden his addiction to cosmetic surgery: facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, hair transplant… Silvio is a good client and nothing is too good to keep his appearance as a young playboy Italian. Il Cavalière even took advantage of an assault he suffered in 2009 to have his jaw, nose and lips redone.

Dilma Roussef

President of Brazil in 2010, the former resistance to the dictatorship did not shock anyone with her change of look. In a country where football is King and cosmetic surgery a religion, Dilma has publicly admitted to having undergone several cosmetic surgery operations to rejuvenate her look, soften her features and make her big, unsightly glasses disappear.

Vladimir Putin

Don’t expect the Kremlin strongman to make a televised address to speak out on the subject. Yet Vladimir Putin, who was thought to be insensitive to the dictates of appearance, was convinced by the usefulness of a makeover in anticipation of future presidential elections. It is therefore totally rejuvenated and the particularly smooth face that the ex-secret agent showed himself to the press. The latter, however, remains convinced that no communication will be made on the subject and we are still without news of his surgeon …

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Before being recognized as a sexual predator after the Sofitel scandal, Strauss-Kahn aspired to become president of the republic. He had therefore quite naturally, under the advice of his entourage, began by correcting a drooping eyelid giving him a disturbing air. Delighted with the result, he continued with skin corrections and finished with a few UV sessions. Its makeover operation, accompanied by a diet, has skyrocketed its rating in the various surveys carried out.…

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When Cosmetic Surgery And Penoplasty Appeal To Men In Tunisia

Botox, facelift or liposuction: until then mainly reserved for women, aesthetic medicine is becoming commonplace among men in Tunisia, a sign of societal development on a subject long taboo in this Maghreb country.

At the time of the “global village”, selfies and social networks, the ” cult of the body ” is developing and Tunisians ” go to the scalpel more easily “, remarks Bouraoui Kotti, doctor specializing in cosmetic surgery, to explain this phenomenon a priori surprising in a society with generally conservative mores.

For the psychologist Kamel Abdelhak, this tendency shows ” a need for power, a notion of + supremacy +”. “The man who wants to highlight his financial or sexual power (…) will resort to aesthetics in all its forms “, according to him.

But this masculine concern for aesthetics also has deep roots in Tunisia: ” Our ancestors embellished their bodies ” with minerals or used henna for the hair, he recalls. Aesthetic medicine has today become a “national sport “, he says, and men are no exception.

Hajer Lajnef, a doctor practicing in Tunis, underlines that the interventions of cosmetic surgery in men, from now on ” very requested “, relate first of all to young adults who seek a solution to early baldness or are interested in a rhinoplasty ” by injections “, and then by those who rely on botulinum toxin to fill wrinkles.

This specialist, who also works in Paris and Dubai, says she now sees more than 50 male patients each month, mostly wealthy men, such as ” singers, actors, businessmen, executives, stars of television and politicians “.

They have ” the same concern as a patient woman: they seek to erase the traces of time, fill the cheekbones or have luscious lips and tails of eyebrows pulled up, ” she explains. “They want to be sexy at all costs. “

However, many concerned men refuse to talk about it. Having come to get rid of forehead wrinkles, a 37-year-old patient prefers to remain anonymous but nevertheless confides: ” Man needs to please and to please himself. Why would he deprive himself of what medicine offers him for stay beautiful? “

What about virility? 

Conversely, Mohamed Assidi, 34, who has opted for Botox for three years, fully assumes “the use of man to aesthetics”, because according to him, ” it in no way affects his virility “. Besides, if some friends laugh at him, others ” ask for information “, he says. Owner of a hairdressing salon, Mohamed offers facials himself and his premises are always full.

Abdelraouf comes out of a clay scrub-mask session. ” Taking care of yourself, what’s more normal ,” he says. On the other hand, there is no question for him to have recourse to cosmetic surgery, which he considers contrary to the Muslim religion, the majority in Tunisia: “Whoever performs operations changes what God has given him, that’s + haram + “(a sin), according to him.

In their quest for perfection, other Tunisians, however, do not hesitate to undergo major surgeries. ” In recent years, we have more and more male patients in our surgical services “, confirms Dr Amine Zargouni, deputy director of a private clinic. In 50-year-olds, the most common operations are lifting and repairing eyelids and bags, he explains. But the demand for a penile lengthening or for a “lipofilling” – which makes it possible to give volume to the penis and the testicles – is also “important”, notes this nose jobs doctor in Miami, FL.

Unable to obtain national figures from the Ministry of Health or any other professional organization.

Dr Zargouni indicates having received around ten patients daily between 2010 and 2012, mainly Europeans, then, due to the instability of the country, this clientele was replaced by Tunisians and, to a lesser extent, Libyans and Algerians. Today, he believes, ” talking about cosmetic surgery in men is no longer taboo ” in Tunisia.

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